River + Fir

Errand Running

So, real life: The front seat of my car often looks like this — well, the ice cream isn’t usually there, usually it’s a water bottle that I haven’t closed all the way or an egg carton to be delivered — some kind of knitting project, the purse overflowing with crap, my billfold buried somewhere in there, and usually something fallen onto the floor. And my phone — who knows where my phone is — usually I’m not taking a picture with it of my crazy front seat. Sometimes it’s in my back pocket and I don’t realize that until after I’m frantically dug through the purse full of crap.

Oh, errand running.

I am a list maker. Since we’ve gone all i-phoney and crap, my lists have not been good. They are usually on random scratch paper that get shoved into a pocket or my purse and I hope I’ll put it on my phone later but I never quite do. Or I do, and I forget to look at my phone when I’m at the store that that particular list was for.

Really, I’m good at being sorta-organized in my personal life.

But right now, I’ve got me some errands to run, because I am leaving on a plane to go see my dear friends in New York City! Super excited! And I have to get that hat finished so I have it to wear. (I was almost done with one and then my Grandma asked for it, so I finished it and gave it to her.) So now, I may be frantically finishing this one at the airport. Real life.

One errand that I got done (besides the unplanned ice cream detour — it was sorta near the bank) was the library — and besides a book on home curing and smoking, one on the history of apple pie in American and one on beekeeping — I also found this. And am devouring it in hopes that soon I can make a boozy cake to share. IMG_0121

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