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Hat status

Remember this little project — that I ripped out?

Well, I’ve torn it out two more times. I’ve learned that if I’m not liking it while I’m knitting it, I’m not going to like it when I’m done. Of course, there’s always an element of surprise while knitting, but after knitting for many a year now, I’m able to see some “flags” along the way.

This hat, which I’m calling the sock monkey hat for some reason, has all the great things of a hat experiment: small yarn, a new little “twist”, and colors I love.

First ribbit: it was WAY TOO BIG. Check.

Second ribbit: still felt to big, but what I really wasn’t liking was the hard striping. IMG_9220

Third ribbit (last night): the little “twist” — well, I buggered it up when I started it, but didn’t see that it wasn’t just part of the pattern until I got many a row into it. I can deal with a lot of a non-perfect parts in my knitting, but this was so obvious because of the way the striping landed, that I went ahead and tore it out again. I did have the foresight to pick up stitches in the ribbing so that I didn’t have to start completely over. And the good news — it fits perfectly and I love the new striping pattern (I took the two skeins of yarn and now alternate each row so that their striping is staggered and it’s not as harsh. Love). IMG_9235

Now I just need to finish it. I’ll show you the little twist once I get a smidge farther along (again). I work on this hat during my break — and I have a feeling my co-workers doubt it will ever be finished, and I have a feeling The Gentleman is dubious as well.

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