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I have several knitting projects going and some of them are a bit time sensitive — but I needed a little break and I needed a little hat so things got bumped back into the yarn basket. I’m sure I’m not the only knitter out there with that happening in their lives.

So, I really need a new hat. I picked up a couple of new sock yarns — this one that is reminds me of a sock monkey and will be perfect for a dog walking hat and hikes in the woods, and another one that is dark blues and blacks which I think one will be a lace patterned, slightly more demure hat to wear to work or out at night.

I am a comfortable knitter. I frequently make up my own hat patterns based on what yarn, needles, time I have as well as what look I want. So I did what I always do: I swatched and gauged and did math. I cast on 222 stitches. I worked it for three inches and just felt like something wasn’t quite right. I asked a friend to check a pattern she’d recently made — 132 cast on stitches. Well, that would explain that.

So I did what all experienced knitters learn and practice with calculated abandon — I used the frog stitch. When I took it off the needle it was almost two times the circumference of my head!

I’m about an inch into my recast hat. It already feels so much more ‘right’ and going so much quicker, plus the stripes of sock monkey colors are a bit wider, which I’m liking. I think this will be a slouchy hat, and I’m going to try a slip stitch section to make it naturally pull towards the back — that was the part of my friends hat that I really liked and wanted to start incorporating into my some of my hats.

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