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The Ladies in January

It’s dark, cold, wet, rainy. The run is muddy. The shavings in the house are matted down. Our waterer has started leaking and the hens have started kicking out their feed. The nest box is damp from wet hen feet and that’s not helping the eggs. Essentially, it’s January in the land of urban chicken farming.

Rumor on the street is: today we’re supposed to have dry and not freezing weather, so it is clean-out-the-coop day. And try-and-outsmart-The-Ladies day. (It’s actually always that day).

Our chicken coop remodel is so lovely. The nest box no longer leaks, is easy to get into, has an egg catch. The feed/water area is accessible without kneeling on the ground. The entire coop is rat (and we hope predator) proof. The Ladies sleep on their roost bars and not in the nest box. The lighting and timer system has been working great. All in all — so amazing! The Gentleman has done an amazing job.

And we’re getting an average of 6 eggs a day. Awesome.

IMG_8864All eight of The Ladies in the feed house: Ruby, Daphne, Penny, Mildred, Ethyl, Violet, Ullah and Ingrid. Perhaps they believe scratch is in their future.

IMG_9070Ullah by rope light.

IMG_9018I know this is silly, but I really wish fresh eggs peeled easier — if only for the times I’m taking deviled eggs to a function on New Years Eve — and when they don’t get to see this pot of beauties. (We’ve also started giving shells back to the hens — this is new this year. I’m also thinking of recycling the shells by using them as planters for next years garden! I’ll let you know how that goes later this spring).

IMG_8848All in all, even in the darkest and wettest parts of the year, I cannot explain the miracle of collecting these little gifts each day or the joy of hearing their celebration song as I type this. Have a beautiful weekend!

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One thought on “The Ladies in January

  1. Beautiful pictures!

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