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Herbs and cream cheese

I have a sweet little herb garden — oregano, sage, thyme, chives, mint in containers. I have a couple of amazing rosemary plants around the yard, and every summer we buy some basil plants. Nothing too exciting, and I have dreams about adding to it, making it more user friendly and lovely and accessible, and to use them when I cook. It brings me great joy to collect the eggs and pluck some herbs on the way back to the kitchen.

This is one of the recipes that I dream about regularly. I really ought to make it more often: Heidi Swanson makes such beautiful food and her herb cream cheese and scrambled eggs exemplifies her amazing talent. (She recently did a post about her blog 101cookbooks – great read, great blog outlook, beautiful, beautiful).

The moral of this recipe story is: take some cream cheese, add in a whole bunch of herbs and some onion, or garlic or scallions or shallots and let it mellow and there will be magic.

Put in scrambled eggs when they are almost set. Put it on toast. Mix it in with cooked warm pasta. Use it as a spread on a burger bun or stuffed in a baking chicken breast. It’s one of those amazing recipes that is such a beautiful way to show off and use those gorgeous herbs you have tucked in your back yard and add vibrancy to some “regular things” we eat all the time. chees



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