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The Giant (Fake) Spider

I have a small collection of Halloween decorations – very small and most are ‘fall’ decorations so they transition right into November.

Except for the giant, fake, fuzzy spider.

A co-worker got this for me few years ago after an incident. I was working in the garden (getting things battened down for winter), walked into a huge spider’s web — that I allowed to be under my sun porch — realized about ten seconds later that this giant spider was now on my head. I did the freak out spider dance and my ‘outdoor pants’ that were way to big for me, fell down. Thankfully I was wearing cute undies. The spider was then on the ground running like mad towards my basement door. So here I am, holding up my pants, trying to catch the spider and relocate it to the other side of the yard because she was not getting into my house. And of course I texted my friend/co-worker — because that’s funny — and when I came to work that night, this giant fake spider was on my computer.

This year, giant fake spider was hung at door handle level by the front door with a little pumpkin hanging from one of her arms. I thought it was adorable (and brilliant for a last minute, the sun is setting and it’s Halloween decorating). I assumed The Gentleman had seen me doing all this as he was sitting on the couch — but he was working on trying to figure out why my Grandma’s wi-fi quit working and when he walked out the front door — BAM — there was giant fake spider. That was almost the end of our laptop, I am told.

And then there was Gilbert, who thought that giant fake spider must be a squeak toy just for him. He carried it around the house and then would mope when he was told to leave it. Savannah was less sure about it. And Lewis was super curious and slightly annoyed that it was sitting on his trunk, a place only Lewis can sit.

So there you have it. One giant fake spider that has given us several days of ‘entertainment’. The friend that gave it to me also introduced me and The Gentleman, so I guess she’s two for two.


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One thought on “The Giant (Fake) Spider

  1. I LOVE fake spiders! And I love watching animals react to them. I SO wish I could have a pet–the one downside to my job! Thanks for sharing this.

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