River + Fir

Shortbread and Soda Bread

Very different kinds of bread.

Soda bread is dense and loaded with butter, eggs, buttermilk – speckled with currants and laced with caraway seeds. Due to brilliant planning last year, I was able to find the recipe and share it with all of you. It is still my go to “spring is coming” baked item.


Shortbread on the other hand is a simple three ingredients – that begged to have vanilla paste added to it – mixed by hand, smooshed onto a pan, and baked into dense, flaky, buttery goodness.


Common culprits in my kitchen – the spoons and my flour and sugar jars have been with me for 15 years.


I looked and looked and looked for a vanilla shortbread recipe and quite frankly, found some lovely ones but all of them seemed way too complicated for a simple cookie. I remember my mom making shortbread, so easy, so quick – from Betty Crocker. I busted out my old Cooky Book and tah dah – perfection – with some vanilla paste added in.


And have I mentioned lately how much I love my kitchen? I love it. All one hundred years of cooking and food and visits and fights and love that must have happened here – and my seven years just a drop in the bucket. My neighbor’s house was built in 1892 so this window has always had this view. And spring means the lilacs are coming! I love kitchens. There is power and home and love and comfort and memories and hope in them.

Joy the Baker moved recently and wrote a lovely Ode to a Kitchen, her kitchen, which I’ve vicariously visited for many moons now. Wishing lots of new memories to her in her new one, NOLA style.

And wishing everyone a safe and festive St. Patrick’s Day. Now – off to eat corned beef! (And looking forward to tomorrow’s hash!!)


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