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Chocolate Goodness

We have been making this paleo fudge for about a month now – and we’ve been eating it. The Gentleman has been trying to eat coconut oil everyday for health benefits, and I can easily get a couple teaspoons full in when it’s combined with peanut butter and dark chocolate. It whips up easily in the Ninja and comes out of the silicon molds like a dream. Then we keep them in the freezer and they’re available whenever there’s a chocolate craving – or more responsibly, The Gentleman has one when he’s taking his morning vitamins. We follow this recipe exactly, just swapped peanut butter out because that’s what we had in the house the first time.20140217-150847.jpg

It’s worked out well for the dogs – using peanut butter – that means an occassional empty peanut butter jar and lid.



And then for a surprise chocolate adventure!! We were supposed to have dinner guests yesterday so I made Joy the Baker’s Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Glaze from her cook book. It was an opportunity for me to use a beautiful wedding gift for the first time – a lovely new bundt pan.

Now, I have drama, drama, drama when making bundt cakes – drama. And this cake and this pan were spectacular. Can’t wait to make some of my spring bundts (rhubarb and lemon, for instance) in this pan and have them actually come out of the pan! Sigh. Drama free bundt cakes — crazy talk.

This cake started out magically with strong coffee and cocoa powder.


Eggs and sugar wisked glossy and pale.


Poured into the bundt pan with a whole lotta prayers and finger crossing.


The bottom was even pretty …


And then guess what?! An empty pan.



So pretty it didn’t have to be glazed … but then, it had to be glazed, twice, because there was extra. I poured the first half while it was still warm, so after it cooled, I poured the rest on, for good measure. It was a good idea.

I may or may not have fully followed the recipe for the glaze (I may or may not have read it right, whatever), so there may have been more than Joy the Baker had originally intended. My not following it was unintentional (yep, screwed up totally) – but it turned out, because can there ever really be too much glaze? Phew.20140217-151848.jpg20140217-151944.jpg

And at the end of the day, chocolate is always good. And this beautiful cake plate was a gift long ago from a dear friend – this new bundt pan fits perfectly on the cake. It makes me smile.

And so is a lovely, bright, clean kitchen. I heart my kitchen. It is a hundred years old this year. It’s not uncommon for me to wonder about what the first owner (described to me as a short, round, Norwegian woman by my elderly neighbors) looked at while she washed dishes (while I’m washing dishes). We are all more connected than we can ever imagine. Have a beautiful evening everyone! We’re heading into spring!!


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