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Wedding Napkins

Have you ever priced out napkins?!


So, here’s the thing. I (somehow) found ridiculously cheap beverage napkins ($3 for 50!) and an adorable custom stamp from a great Etsy shop – and a friend at the craft party busted those out. So fun, inexpensive napkins for drinks and cake – check.

Then for the dinner napkins, we were just going to rent napkins from our reception location – sweet little ivory napkins. But for having planned having lots of color for the wedding, I keep finding that there’s just a lot of blues and whites on the tables and lots of ivory.

So! I decided to make napkins out of super fun calicos for the table settings. The price point was almost identical to renting – and we’ll have 72 re-useable napkins for us and pretty much everyone we know is going to gain a set for Christmas presents.

My Grandma ironed the roll hems for me. She hates to iron. And did I mention 72 roll hems?

Lots of pins. Lots of cutting. Lots of hem sewing. And I’m hoping some color and fun on the tables.

Oh, and Gilbert likes to lay on his rug in the kitchen while we iron in the sunshine.

IMG_6838 IMG_6836  IMG_6832 IMG_6829 IMG_6830

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One thought on “Wedding Napkins

  1. Mary Sward on said:

    Love it! I find myself aching to get out my machines these days . . .

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