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A soon to be quilt

I have a lot of jeans – old jeans that are too worn or don’t fit – and I’ve been saving them to make a quilt. I’ve been saving them for a while. IMG_6288

It took some cutting up. (Lewis and my mother helped with that in varying amounts). IMG_6287IMG_6285IMG_6393

They became organized memories – each denim is a story, an event, a place, a time in my life – a different weight, a different feel.IMG_6352IMG_6292IMG_6520IMG_6526IMG_6527IMG_6528There was quite a few broken needles before I figured out how fast I could go over that center point. There was lots of time pressing and planning and thinking about what it would mean to be The Gentleman’s wife. IMG_6400IMG_6440IMG_6439IMG_6442IMG_6438

There were lovely blocks. IMG_6396IMG_6444

There were the backs of lovely blocks. IMG_6443

The blocks got bordered with some blue satiny ribbon – they will live as a base for the centerpieces at our wedding. My mom said she’d help me tear all the ribbon off afterwards. Then The Gentleman and I shall have a lovely, hardy denim quilt for the beach, the hammock, camping. Very much looking forward to the new memories that this quilt will be a part of. IMG_6531IMG_6537

And a little glimmer into what this quilt may one day look like – maybe… IMG_6529

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3 thoughts on “A soon to be quilt

  1. Beautiful, Jo! And your photos are exquisite. Such a talented lady ~

  2. Mary Sward on said:

    Wow! A lot of work!

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