River + Fir

Cake, revisited

I feel like I am working on million things right now – I have been a crazy productive person! And I do not want to share it on the inter-web-by just yet.

We got engaged. I went into Wedding Planning.Then to buying supplies and waiting for those supplies to come – and then reordering the correct envelope size.

Ugh – so happy so much of that horrible phase has passed and that I find myself in the process of actually getting to do things! I have been making some lovely, beautiful, and hopefully, meaningful things for the wedding, and more importantly, for some very special people who have been a part of my life for a long time – and who have gotten wrangled into helping with the wedding – and all while getting to wear a dress of their own choosing – you know who you are!

These are also the people who read this little space I’ve been eeking out of said inter-web-by. You know how you are! Thank you – very much – for being those people, both here and in the real world.

That said – I don’t want to ruin all the surprises! And I’ve probably shown way too much on Instagram – oh!, evil Instagram that I love so much! What a wonderful group of people I’ve stumbled into there!

So, in the midst of this crafting/creating/calligraphy-learning, I have had to do a wee bit of baking!

A few months back I made a rhubarb lemon bundt to take to a function – that cake has come to be called the San Andreas cake because it broke apart violently when not exiting the pan. It was the ugliest baked good I’ve ever made. It was, however, so stupidly good that the look of it didn’t deter half the ladies at the event to ask for the recipe, and we ended up having a girl’s-night-baking-get-together where that was the project. The infamous bundt pan became a housewarming gift to the host (it was that or good will – seriously – the circle of trust was shattered!) and she’s used it three times since without issue;I feel I must have baked the bad right out of it.

At home – around the Fourth – The Gentleman and I stumbled into some blueberries and raspberries – and what pretty little loaf cakes they fell into! And the lemon! This cake is seriously the type of cake you never cut a whole piece out of but it seems to just disappear.

Super easy – a nice buttermilk based cake – zest a lemon into the sugar and rub the sugar with the back of a spoon – it releases all that lemon oil and makes the sugar so unbelievable fragrant! When the batter’s all made up, stir in some blueberries and then top with some flour tossed raspberries and throw it in the oven. Nice, tart lemon glaze on top and leave it to set up.

Voila! Patriotism in a pan – or maybe not anything like that but worthy of sharing the berry harvest of July on the deck, at sunset, with those you love. Cheers!



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