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Surprise! Project.

I have a very old house. Lots and lots of work by lots and lots of people have gone into making it a livable, cozy home over the past six years. The kitchen has had lots of work done to it – it had raspberry fuschia semi-gloss walls (not in a good way) and yellow interior on the cupboards – and those were the good parts. It’s been lots of work to glean out this beauty that I love to cook and bake in.

There was just this one large wall – painted a mix of leftover paint by my grandmother because she decided the color I’d chosen was going to be too dark. (I was out on the ship at the time). When I came home it was a pale matte blue instead of the lovely wedgewood semigloss that lower half of the walls were painted. It’s stayed this way for several years now … It was painted and clean and had large things pushed up against it, so I have just lived with it.

And then The Gentleman went away for a week, and my mom came for a weekend visit, and surprise! Project time.

A half-assed linen technique, some glaze, a stencil, and a couple days later, here we are. A lovely, subtle addition that has almost gotten the kitchen fully into phase two of remodeling.

Next up, and I will need The Gentleman for this – the floor is getting a face lift.

IMG_4685 IMG_4716IMG_4721IMG_4722IMG_4720IMG_4723IMG_4726IMG_4731IMG_4881IMG_4883IMG_4752

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One thought on “Surprise! Project.

  1. Mary Sward on said:

    Ooh–love it!! Can’t wait to see how the floor turns out!

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