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Coming Home

Three years ago – a super skinny, extremely muscular, black greyhound came home.

Bertski Iam raced a decent career in Arizona before being replanted in the Pacific Northwest by GPA-NW. He spent a couple months in a foster home before being selected for me. I am the poster child for let the agency pick the right dog for you – not the other way around. “Bert” (as he was was called by GPA-NW) was not on my want list.

He came home to me – a single, working woman with no fenced yard who had never had a dog before. We taught each other a lot.

IMG_1801 IMG_1804

Gilbert is the sweetest, most empathetic creature. He is very tuned into what people are feeling. He loves to be petted and to “sit” on your lap. He also loves his naps. He is a nap expert. His best buddy for a long time was Lewis the cat – a very tenuous relationship was created over time and now if one of them isn’t well, the other one will be right there. If you knew Lewis’s basic disdain for everything, you would understand how amazing their relationship truly is. As I said, Gilbert was a decent racer but what he excels at – he can cut like a quarter horse – quick – turn on a dime – and change direction. It is the most beautiful thing to watch him run. And he loves to visit Grandma and Grandpa – he lights up when he realizes we’re going there or when we meet Grandpa out on the riverwalk.


IMG_4756 IMG_4748Savannah raced into our home a year later and they are two peas in a pod – brother and sister so to speak … And then last year The Gentleman joined us and a better friend Gilbert could not have asked for – and he’ll be home tonight to take Gilbert and Savannah on a nice long walk. I wish I could be here to see the dogs when he gets home (but I will be at work).

We are very fortunate to have such lovely creatures to share our lives. If you are thinking of getting a creature – please look at adoption. There are wonderful pets available that just need some love and care – they will repay it a thousand times over. Find your local shelter or if you are interested in a certain breed, most regions have rescue groups that are breed specific. Not ready for the full time responsibility – donate a bag of feed or a bag of treats – or better yet give some of your time. These groups function because of volunteers and donors and they would be happy to find a use for your talents!

Now, I have to quit reminiscing and do a little house cleaning because The Gentleman comes home today after a week away! And I should probably take out the trash at minimum. Have a gorgeous day!

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2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. congrats on gilbert’s gotcha day. give him an ear skritch or two from me.

  2. sweetgreyhappenings on said:

    Thanks, Steve! He found a couple extra treats 🙂

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