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Chili and cornbread kinda day

The crazy weather of February has been upon us – hail, sunshine, wind, downpours – all over the map. This is soup making weather. (Okay, let’s be honest, I don’t really need an excuse to make soup.) The Gentleman requested chili.

A couple months ago I threw a bunch of stuff together into a pot and called it chili – thankfully I wrote down the weird mixup of ingredients and steps and put it on the refrigerator. Personally, I’m not a big fan of ground turkey so I usually mix it with beef or sausage, but The Gentleman has challenged me to use all turkey or (even crazier) use turkey and chicken together instead of the red meats. So, it’s become a thing for me to try and make my standby recipes without beef or pork and still like them at the end. This little chili experiment, take two, seems to be a keeper. I think I’m going to have to break down and try making meatloaf. It’s kinda meatloaf weather, right?

Now, I love cornbread, but The Gentleman’s take, and I quote, “Meh.” He’s kind of this way with anything on the bread or sweet side of things. Me, I like cornbread, mostly, but I’ve had some bad cornbread and what I usually make from scratch tends to fall closer to not good. So, I was inspired Joy the Baker and tried a slightly unusual take: brown butter rosemary orange cornbread. I know, crazy. It uses a technique that Joy rocks with citrus – she puts the zest into the sugar and mixes it with the back of a spoon – releasing the oils into the sugar and making amazing scented baked goods. (I’ve been dreaming of this pound cake for Easter.) In this cornbread, it was orange and rosemary becoming best friends with the sugar. And then add in browned butter?! A lovely, savory, moist cornbread. Even The Gentleman had to change his “meh” to more a more committed verbiage that may not be appropriate here.

I’ve been pretty down and out this week trying to fight off something, and I’m failing at fighting it off. So the chili has been amazing this week – reheated at work, poured on nachos, with or without sour cream. Really amazing stuff. I think it would be good in burritos or tacos. Or taco salad. Hmm, with spanish-style rice. So many options can be found in a large pot of chili.


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2 thoughts on “Chili and cornbread kinda day

  1. I think the key to good chili is lots of flavor. I’ve made all kinds of gamey sort of meats and chili will hide^H^H^H^Henhance the flavor such that I think it’s hardly discernible.

    • sweetgreyhappenings on said:

      Agreed! I’ve come to realize that fresh, good spices are worth their weight for these types of projects – I also use beer to add some depth to the whole mess… definitely helps when the less gamey meats are being used.

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