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I finally had to admit that my current bra selection was done for. It seems like they all die at once – they must hold a vote on the drying rack – “we’re retiring, effective immediately.” And then I fight it for another month or more.

Here’s the dealio, folks. I have boobs, and I like the girls, I just like them better when they have proper support. The other issue is, I’m not a small girl – so finding bras to fit me and the girls – challenging. I’m also not wealthy – so finding reasonably priced items that are going to last… yeah… The other issue is time: you need time to shop for bras – I live one to two hours from any store that carries said properly fitting undergarments and you need time in the dressing room once you get there.

I have gotten much better at this whole shopping process as I’ve gotten older. I’ve bought some straight up, horrible bras. I’ve bought some that have not lasted 8 hours of wear. I have bought some that are painful, horrifically colored, too busty, too pointy, too blah. (I have worn said horrors.)

Like I said, I’ve gotten better. I commit a day to make it happen. I’ve found a couple of stores that usually have some type of undergarment in my size. I watch for their bi-annual bra sales. I wear good tennis shoes and my favorite t-shirt and jeans with a cozy sweater. And I measure myself before I go in. No sales gal needs to try and get that close to you. Come on! The last time I had someone measure me, she was so terrified, she ended up being two sizes off!

So this time, I got lucky. I grabbed one of every style they had. I tried them all on – to my horror – and the last one was spectacular. Thank God. Spectacular. And they even had some color options. And they were on sale – a really good sale. And I was in and out of there in less than an hour. So thankful.

It’s amazing what a new bra will do for your body appreciation. Really good things come from having good, comfortable support. So walk a little taller, cut yourself some slack, and know that you are rocking this place – even if this place is a rained out dog walk. Have a gorgeous weekend!

(p.s. The Gentleman asked what I was going to do with the old bras, and I said I’d trash them except for a handful for dog walks or working in the garden. Last night I forgot to change before going out on the walk – let me tell you – I was one hot, dog walking chick – or maybe that’s because I had way too many layers on. Whatever. Rocking it.)

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