River + Fir

Marbled. Grateful.

I like to give thank you gifts.

A lot.

I always hope they adequately convey my gratitude.

Sometimes I think I give too much.

Sometimes not enough.

Usually I’m embarrassed by my gift.

Usually I make something I would like to receive myself.

Sometimes that makes me feel less awkward.

Usually not.

And then I’m embarrassed again.

Such is the life of the homemade gifter.

Awkward, regardless.

Last weekend, my greyhound buddies did me a huge favor by walking and feeding my greys while I spent the day in Portland with two of my dearest friends. One of them presented at Wordstock and her book was pre-released (note, that may or may not be the correct term). If you ever have a chance – give Wordstock a pass through. I wish I’d gotten to visit such an event as a child or teen – and it was pretty fun as an adult.

I had two amazing meals – brunch and dinner – and of course some good standard northwest coffee shop wins.

What a great day! So happy and proud of both my friends and where they are at in their lives. Thank you for sharing such a grand day with me. Truly blessed to have both of you in my life.

And a special thank you to the Gentleman for hanging out in portlandia so much longer than planned. Always so kind to me.

We did stay quite a bit longer than planned. My greyhound buddies – without being called upon – did an extra drive by, and since we weren’t home yet, took the dogs out again. Such lovely ladies! Again, so lucky to be surrounded by such great people.

And so, I make a thank you gift: Marbled – Mocha Swirled – Bread with Brown Buttered Glaze. This recipe has the most amazing technique for marbling ever! The first time I made this bread, I loved cutting it because every slice was beautiful and unique. So beautiful. Each slice an amazing pattern.

I cannot wait to use this technique in other breads or pound cakes. Maybe lemon and orange. Or a vanilla scented batter and chocolate. Or berry and brown butter. Oh, the wheels, they are a-spinning!

As I spend the evening crafting another such lovely loaf, I think of tomorrow, when I embark on a new adventure and the idea of failing looms in front of me. Failure has been looming in front of me lately – more perceived than actual but the dance continues. May I remember to be kind and gracious to myself.  If nothing else, let me take a moment to tell someone “Thank you. You made a difference in my life today.”

This is my prayer for us all.

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