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Reunions, part one

Friendship is magical. It is one of the greatest gifts we are given. I have been so blessed with loving and lovely friends – the types that span time, distance and life’s seasons. September has had me falling through the light and fog, but I have not been alone.

September, a flurry of light – glorious, golden, soft – and activities and reunions. And illness, injury, re-evaluation. And good food and not good food. And I’ve laughed and cried and been kind and horrible to myself. It is all blazing by.

Falling by, into the cool grey of fall. Saturday, officially, but it’s found us already.

This month has been filled with so much. So much! It started with spending the day with one of my oldest and dearest friends – who I have not seen in a year. This is for a whole variety of reasons – probably the biggest is that I no longer travel for a living so I don’t go and bug her every couple of months. Growing up. Settling down. Having responsibilities of a household. There are other reasons, life reasons, those things that happen where, as she summed up, “You look at your life and it’s someone else’s – what you never thought would be your life.” We are both having those revelations, making “someone else’s life” our own – the surprises that life brings you. She of course handles everything with such an amazing amount of grace that it both warms and angers my heart – I have always been envious of her grace. Her boys are growing up so much! A teenager and an elementary schooler.
We had a great day just the two of us, while the boys went to the Civil War re-enactment – catching up over coffee, seeing the chickens, a long walk on the levy, cupcakes, and then beer and fries. And then they meet the Gentleman. And we all went to pizza. And then we came back to the house and had homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (my own mix-up combination that sorta resembled this and this – so much glorious browned butter in my life) with homemade magic shell. (Homemade magic shell!!!) Watching an eight year old, you understand why it’s called magic. And then we walked the dogs – such beautiful light along the Columbia. Such a glorious night. Beautiful and special. And we watched my old boat go by – that the boys had toured once upon a time – and the Captain (another great friend) honked the horn at us and we ran down the mooring basin trying to catch it. Magic.

We will do this again in a year – with two taller boys. Hopefully, sooner.
















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2 thoughts on “Reunions, part one

  1. I like this alot… Now I am hungry! =)

  2. Love it!!!!!

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