River + Fir

Friday, already?

Real life. So much done this week. So much left to do. It’s happening.

Birthday was amazing. Really special. Really sweet.

Made an amazing cake. Amazing drinks. Blew out way more candles than I had imagined. Am still looking at the most beautiful flowers.

Made some ridiculous chicken. Made some ridiculous jam that may just have to become friends with puff pastry. Maybe.

Met with a naturopath. Trying to implement some new things. Steady Eddie.

Got my blood took. They left a bruise. I look like I have some kind of habit.

Made celery salad. Want to make it again. Right now. Seriously.

Been listening to this wonderful podcast while I run – and fall – and not run again, for a minute. Who doesn’t use cauliflower?

Made the best eggs. And then the best sandwiches and toasts and cracker spread from the leftover cream cheese. Eegads. Do it.

Am late to volunteer.

Helped grandma water plants – and yes, every time I loaded the cart up I saw alien faces.

Yoga – well, shoot. Yoga has not made the to do list this week.

Teaching the greyhounds how to roo. Classic funny.

Nothing new – Lewis runs our lives.

Going camping with the dogs this weekend for the first time. Little overwhelmed. Lots excited.

Am making cookies to go with us camping. Obviously.

Got all my bills paid.

New hens started laying. Eggs, eggs everywhere and so many of them tiny!

Stumbled into the farmer’s market and bought baby carrots, fingerling potatoes and zucchini. Oh, the plans for zucchini!

Have a gorgeous weekend! Let’s smile more, drink more water, worry less, move and breath and be loved. Real life is sweet and blazes by.

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2 thoughts on “Friday, already?

  1. OK, the eggs sounded good; then the celery salad sounded better than I thought it would; but I got to the cookies–OMG, pistachios and sea salt?? The only thing saving me is that Fred is gluten-intolerant!! So maybe I’ll make the salad, and pretend it’s cookies?

    • sweetgreyhappenings on said:

      Mary! I know!! Trust me the salad is ridiculous – we had that, some rotisserie chicken and fresh tomatoes. So unbelievable good. Enjoy!!!

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