River + Fir

Another day, birthday.

Tomorrow. Thirty-five. Halfway. Best case. A couple weeks ago, this upcoming birthday slapped me upside the head – but am working on finding the downward slope of that – or the upswing. Whatever. The sun will continue to rise and set.

I don’t feel middle age. I don’t feel “older.” I feel blessed and loved and healthy. I feel tired and sore and hopeful. I feel grateful. Thankful.

Truly, I am blessed.

This past year has brought so many wonderful surprises. I am looking forward to seeing the seeds planted continue to grow. To lots of hard work. Lots of grace. Lots of love.

On the practical side – I bought myself a new bathrobe after tripping up the basement stairs one too many times. I took the day off from work, actually the rest of the week, and seeing as how I’ve worked every birthday since I turned 18, it’s kind of a nice change of pace.

I will sleep in tomorrow and then go on a run. I will bake a cake (this cake – so excited but contemplating fresh fruit instead of cherries and maybe kahlua in the tres leches. I know – it’s happening). I hope to find a fun, pretty, and hopefully cheap tray to put it on. I will make some lovely little dinner (been mulling over this chicken dish). I will make drinks (these drinks – so good – using grapefruit juice, tonic, gin and lime).

I will get my hair cut. I will walk the dogs along the river. I will watch the sun set.

I will have a beautiful evening with my love, maybe a minute or two on the hammock watching shooting stars. Maybe just a moment to pause and enjoy the beauty of this sweet life, of this miraculous place I’ve found myself.

Later this week I will do the fun things – like more running, more yoga, volunteering, meeting with a naturopathic doctor, getting the oil changed and tires rotated, paint the chicken coop and a dresser. Oh, the adventures that the beginning of thirty-five has in store! Hopefully there will be a hike and a beach trip tucked in there somewhere. And a belated birthday dinner with my grandparents topped with baklava and Bosnian coffee.

What a lovely and full life this is.

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3 thoughts on “Another day, birthday.

  1. Declaration of COI… done! Sounds fantastic! You live a beautiful and considered life.

  2. Hmm–thinking of making that chicken. That cake–OMG! I don’t know–if it were chocolate, just maybe–but it sounds so GOOEY!! Not sure I could do it–not a real cake-person.
    Wishing you the BEST birthday–you sound like you are in a wonderful, happy place. I’m right there with you–ain’t it GREAT??

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