River + Fir

Chasing tails… And… Nope. Nevermind.

It’s my Saturday.  I’m feeling overly motivated with absolutely no follow through. Chasing my tail, yessir.  Which is happening from my couch. Holidays, family visits, great cooking, lots of working and sunshine have pretty much derailed my Saturday of productivity.

Somewhere in this morning my kitchen outlet tripped – yes the one the coffee pot is connected to.  NO COFFEE.  I can’t deal with electrical problems without coffee.  Insanity.

Thankfully, coffee in a green cup happened. Thankfully refrigerator and oven are working. Gonna sneak up on figuring out the outlet – it’ll make me more thankful for it when it works again.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder or some such jazz.

I know, the dogs look stressed.  It sure is hard being a retired racer.  They did survive the Fourth of July fireworks – thanks to my mom for hanging out with them while I was at work – but they sleep this much no matter what, so retirement – I’m jealous.

Lewis the cat is curled up on the couch – over looking his domain, highly productive.  It’s hard work keeping this household in line.

One of today’s projects is to replant the strawberries – they were torn out because of some chicken coop remodeling.  It’s a long story.  Stay tuned, it’s happening. The poor strawberries, however, maybe no.

The sky today is epic. I really just want to lay in the hammock.  Not plant strawberries, or do dishes, or cook dinner.  I definitely don’t want to figure out electrical issues.  (Again, I don’t really need that one outlet, right?)

Under this sky, the herbs are flourishing and will find their way into the kitchen, into tonight’s dinner: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and my first attempt at roasted beet salad… Still waiting for an epiphany on the dressing, but there’s inspiration everywhere, especially when you decide to quit chasing your tail from the couch. Or watching your dogs dream of running…


The only productive critters in the household at this point are the Ladies.  They are so happy to have sun and scraps – cooking good food equals amazing chicken scraps.

And their daily gifts are a reminder of just how much grace there is in the world. A daily miracle that I collect, still warm, today’s promise. Thankful.

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