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Meal Planning, maybe

Meal planning has started in my household – so far not so much planning but lots of playing with cookbooks and making really good food that is actually getting eaten.

When to start the plan part of the project …? Hmm. Soon.

The latest cooking adventure involved finding a recipe to be best friends with a gorgeous pot of chicken cacciatore that filled my whole home with the most amazing smells.  It was lonely but didn’t want to play with pasta or potatoes.

Hence, the ricotta dumpling – something that is oh so similar to gnocchi.  (My favorite Italian word, by the way – gli gnocchi!! So fun to say.) It was surprising and lovely and buttery and glorious and so ready to be new best friends with that wonderful pot of cacciatore.

And once this beautiful pairing has happened for dinner, I’ll probably pull out more cookbooks – I have a smallish addiction – and maybe I’ll make a few lists. I believe this to be the next stage of meal planning. Hmm. Maybe.

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